Portable Mini Vacuum Pump

$59.95 $79.95

This is Mini USB Automatic Vacuum Sealer Vacuum Machine Pump Portable Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer Food Preservation Machine.


Safety... Prevents freezer burns on frozen fruits and vegetables, keeps the nutrients intact and food fresh 5 times longer by free from air, save money in the long run.

Life assistant... Mini size for using indoor or outdoor. Save you time and effort, Perfect gadget as kitchen application. Suitable for fruit, meat, seafood, fish and other food preservation, long-lasting preservation.

Healthy lifestyle... Vacuum seals flavors and nutrients, effortless meal preparation, and easy creation of convenient delicacies in a busy lifestyle.

USB Fast Charging... Please plug in the USB charging cable. When the charging indicator is red, the charging function is activated. After the charging is completed, the LED is turned off.

Simple Sealing... The air extractor is aligned with the suction port of the compression bag, pressed tightly, and the start switch can be automatically evacuated.

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