Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

$24.99 $26.99
  • Cleanse The Skin - Clean out your pores with bubble action using our carbonated bubble clay face mask! The bubbles help to open up and stimulate your pores, expelling dirt and debris and leaving you with a nice, fresh face.

  • Feel The Carbonated Tingle - Enjoy the sensation of the carbonation bubbling on your face as the mask works its magic. You'll feel relaxed and energized simultaneously!
  • Hydrates While It Cleanses - Not only does it clean, but this mask also moisturizes your face so it's silky smooth when you've washed it off. Feel like a new person with healthy, vibrant skin!
  • Use It Weekly - Weekly use for this cleansing face mask helps with anti-aging, acne treatment, oil control, and facial brightening.

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