Car Safety Harness for Dogs

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As you plan your road trips this summer, be sure to consider your pet’s car safety before pulling out of the driveway. With states like Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois, and Maine banning motorists from driving with their pets in their laps and New Jersey debating a law that would require pets to wear seatbelts, now’s the time to investigate proper car restraints.

The Car Safety Harness Belt is designed to secure your dog for safe travel in an automobile.

Features & Benefits:

Breathable Mesh Chest Vest: it’s made of the double mesh fabric with the flannelette edge, attached to four PP material strap, which will absorb sweat and feel breathable when your pet dog wears it.

Suitable and Humanized Design: Breathable mesh chest vest harness would relieve the pressure. It is adjustable depending on how much lead way you need to plug into your car's seatbelt it fit perfectly. The included seat belt was long enough to let him move in the back seat and lay down.

Keeping Safe and Comfortable: The harness wraps around the dog’s body and neck which could be instead of a collar. The straps tighten up securely so dogs cannot roam the car to prevent it from hopping into the front seat, but they don't pull against them.

Easy to Use and Quick Release: There are two buckle on the chest part, which make the harness easy to put on and no need dogs to step in. And the four adjust buttons on the harness strap can be easily adjusted to make dog feel comfortable, and suitable for all small, medium and large size dogs, or even kitten cats and medium cats. The seat belt is also adjustable, easy to hook up both in the car and trunk.

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