Press type vacuum compression bag

$24.99 $34.99
The compression bags are air and water tight, so they keep your belongings clean, dry and protected. And no need to use any Vacuum Pump.
VERSATILE USE! Besides traveling you can use Our Press bag for storing all your possessions at home or your car. Discover our eye-catching new bag that combines efficiency and durability.
This bags will solve all your packing and storage problems. Need to pack a lot of things? Tired from carrying two or three bags to the airport and paying extra money for extra luggage?
We want to deliver the best solution through our two sized bags which are applicable for both Cabin and hand luggage.
Unlike other bags, you would not care anymore about additional equipment for vacuuming! Just Press - excess air will exit from valves and never return back. Our Press bag is not only for travel. It can be used for storage of clothing, towels, sheets, and pillowcases at home, or in your car or wherever you want.

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